God On IQ Scoring

Often at times, people get frustrated with their scoring results due to test inaccuracies and relative shortcomings.  They may find themselves more intelligent than others who score higher, yet God knows there are many different elements of such residing within you, so it’s not always fair to compare yourself with others.  Perhaps you are sharper than the person you perceive as not as being smart, yet scored higher than you.  However, “he” says it’s possible your math abilities are keener as you may have sharp abilities to sense that, although your language skills may not be.

God says not to worry about it, as someday “he” will tell you what your strengths are, as well as your weaknesses so that way you will come to terms with yourself, and not worry about what your school test result was.  The reason is human beings aren’t complex enough to generate a perfect measuring system, and it would otherwise take several weeks to complete such a test, so “he” will just give you a variety of results within a few hours.  For example, in logic, there are too many various types in humans, and it’s too difficult to measure based on a 5 page examination.  Every little detail of the final result would instead be 283 pages composing of 1,203 problems.

Also, God will tell you of results that are otherwise not measured in standard tests, such as art, athletic, inure, labour, motor, music and social.

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