What Happened To Jimmy Hoffa?

I wanted to share some unanswered mysteries with you, so James Hoffa went to Mexico back in 1975, where he continued to congregate with the Teamsters Union for at least several years before he moved on.

Sir Harold Holt of Australia may have gotten stuck by something whilst at sea, then moved on.

Masanoubu Tsuji, Colonel of Japanese Imperial Army escaped to safe harbour at Laos in 1961.

The America’s coppers have a D.B. Cooper saga amongst them, yet God says it was a hoax.  There was no such person.

Henry Hudson moved on whilst exploring the bay in Canada back in 1610, rather than 1611 as recorded.

Charles Limbergh’s son was hidden someplace due to some type of scandal.

Aviationeer Amelia Earhart moved on upon her crash in 1937.

Chinese politician Li Yuan escaped, rather than “died” as many surmise.

Azaria Chamberlain was rescued, rather than killed by a dingo.

Errol Flynn’s son, Sean moved on after being captured by enemy forces.

Heinrich Muller was “killed” by Germans who questioned his motives.

Agatha Christie was “killed” over some family dispute.  She’s still writing fortunately, because without heaven there is nothing else.

…..and God spoke with Moses on Mt. Nebo for many days, and then moved on as Deuteronomy 34:5 explains.



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