The Coming Of A Nonjudgmental World?

No one is perfect, however God wants people to learn more about tolerance.  In the coming of times, there will be less of that desire to chastise and denigrate others.  People often overlook the shortcomings of their neighbours, or companions thereof.  We all struggle in this difficult universe, and no one wants to feel left out especially when there is a need for a shoulder to turn to.

Here are some examples of negligence seen in society, and a way to remedy it:

John has a burn scar on his shoulder, and has heard others call him an ugly sod.  The accusers can make claim to their own perfectionism, by stating they never had to undergo any physical struggles, even whilst as a lad.

Muriel owns a 14 year old CityRover.  She wants to purchase a decent mobile, considering others annoy her about its sub-par design.  I tell her to be patient, and ignore them fully, as they only embrace derision and know their lives stink at times, as well.

Lin often chides her mum for being plump.  The point of heaven is love, so learn to be aware of others’ feelings.  I tell Lin to instead explain that she is vexed over her health, and perhaps advise her to modify her routine.

Willem goes to school in the mornings only, and his older high school brother pushes him to do frequent choring in the afternoons.  I encourage the rogue brother to quit his afternoon classes to make a deal that he should be 13 years old again, and forever.

Prime Minister Soon periodically explodes at cohorts for lackluster display.  I remind him his service will not be needed after the 5 year assignment, and to toil from 05,00 to 19,30 polishing his superior’s shoes and cleaning out urinals for the next 19 1/2 months.

Brady lambastes society for not loving him fully.  I tell him to acknowledge himself, and let people be.  God sends him to act as a mannequin at Selfridges, where he may seek worshippers completely.

Northwest rugby squad gathers to find a way to demean Saturday opponent by putting goo in their guest rooms.  God encourages all hazing incidents continue during their stay at the mental asylum, and share rooms with actual patients.

Trilli sweet talks her daughter into purchasing makeup kits, in order to teach her to look appropriate for her husband.  I call Ms. Trilli to respect her daughter’s boundaries, as undermining others has no place in the Kingdom of Glee and Merriment.

Bob regularly reprimands his enormous chin.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and God promises to adjust it by 8.25%.  Be patient, as March 12, 2037 will be a day of grace!  However, “he” knows November 7, 2031 is a possibility, depending on how well you walk away from scowling at others’ physical adversities.

In 2028, some members of society explain to the Commonwealth that it’s normal to judge, as a means of preserving boundaries.  They need to realize the goal is to emphasize with others, thus ignore all self-serving critics.  God knows the meaning of love, fully, and there is no need for said reproof.

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