West Bank Crisis Situation

I will never fully own the land over there, as many people may presume.  I do have to help maintain their bearings, as with any other nation or province.  Part of the reason for this page was brought up upon reading of the terror in Gaza.

There is no excuse for exploding hospitals, and violent religion is just another bogus cult.  So, Allah goes to the dungeon for 147.5 years for his destructive behaviour.

God doesn’t make trade-offs with others.  Israel’s neighbouring civilians need to respect the lands, just as Israel shall mind your homeland.

God promises there will be no more orthodox settlers in the coming of times.  The reason is Palestine is to be respected fully, as a separate entity.  I desire to go to the bazaar in Ramallah, yet I will only remain there for a mere 5 hours to make a point about fine excursions.

Moreover, Gaza will reside as an independent state for all eternity.  So, there will be no fear of ever losing an appreciated civilization.

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