The Dissolution Of The United States?

Not really, however God will allow greater independence for certain areas in the same manner as Russia granted that to 15 different regions, such as Tajikistan and Moldova.

The plans are that Texas become a republic as some of its constituents desire.  Florida and Utah will become independent colonies in order to make room for the natives when they return from the heavens and beyond.  Idaho will reign as a reservation for the tribes, however a few current residents can still own property in cities like Boise with permission.  Hawaii will have its own territory granted, the way it was prior to 1959.

All five regions are still indebted to United States law in the same way Bermuda and Gibraltar are with the United Kingdom.

The time frame for thus is 2024 to 2089 depending how the process is unfolding with its governing bodies.  2093 is the year of completion, and Aborigines of Australia will be at peace with their own union as well.

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