A Side Note

There are some references from others stating I am proclaiming myself the King, however I would rather write a book, play poker or even mess around with athletic events than do this type of thing.

I could be teasing you all about the future of love and beauty forever, yet God would instead throw me in the dungeon for 25.8 years similarity to that of L Ron Hubbard, Grigori Rasputin, and Hirohito.  Moreover, the former emperor of Japan knows not to tempt fate ever again as he knows honesty is the best policy, as lying serves no purpose but only bogus and injustice.

And, Anjezë Gonxhe, formerly Mother Teresa, apologizes for being a disgraceful conniver is still serving 874 years in the dungeon for war crimes and abuse tactics.  Considering God knows the truth about love and kindness, she is still able to tend to her garden and smoke cigarillos every 3 to 8 days.

So, I’m merely here to relay the message that God promises utopia for all eternity.  Be patient however, as the journey towards that is still a slow process.

A God promised, in 2059 is the return of the quagga, the dodo bird, and many of the ever-affable dinosaurs of 42 to 385 million years ago, that will give you a hug when needed.

And Betsie, the great auk, will sing and dance for you per will.



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