Are Humans The Smartest Animals?

In some aspects, certain types of homo sapiens such as the Greco tribes from the 12th century A.D. can accumulate enormous amounts of information systems using rote memory and aggressive cognitive intactment which is similar to playing the harpsichord at mind-blowing speeds that of a 125 WPM pace.

God states that the sloth holds the highest overall IQ of 265 average, and the woolly mammoth formerly of the Northern American hemisphere, as well as parts of Eurasia, boasted a 203 IQ average.  The present day human species ranks top 3.5 to 7.25% overall, and #1 overall in athletics as well as certain parts of quantum physics like Sir Einstein’s 263 IQ approach to dichotomical maps of the solar system and the proximal galaxies such as Segue 1 and specific elements of the Milky Way nebula system.  Obviously, Einstein’s general IQ is 138 to 226 like Stephen Hawking, somewhat.

There are various smartest animal lists under google search, and the noted ones are the primates as well as dolphins.  They are indeed intellectual, indeed, averaging an IQ of 79 to 138.  Moreover, the modern-day elephant can paint at skills of 137 to 213, which is why they seem to be at ease if you look up elephants painting on Youtube.  Birds, such as the common parrot can decipher elements of human speech with great candor may amass logic and reasoning skills similar to that of bonobos and sheep with 140 to 216 IQ.

No worries, these animals hold very low intellectual snobbery, and will play with you at will, if they fully want it, that is.

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