A Note About Beef

I received a reference to a lady who felt it was inappropriate to indulge in such, so I told her not to worry about society and to refrain from feeling overly modest and demure.

God already stated it’s important to eat animal protein, and beef helps people feel nourished in many elements, and even the ladies are recommended to eat a decent serving of perhaps 125g two to three times a month.  As previously stated, men need that a bit more than often, however it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy wallowing in.

Down the road, I will give you an estimate how much protein you need per week as well as the types.  Moreover, soy and nuts are indeed healthy, yet aren’t recommended to be replaced for a meal except perhaps for lunch where you can enjoy a peanut butter and berry jam roll every now and then.

Also, try to have yoghurt throughout the week especially in the mornings with breakfast.  This applies to both men and women.  Yet, avoid the commonly shelved Greek or French varieties as they are meant for those residing in their pertaining nations.  Although, you can enjoy a custard pie for dessert once in full moon with your soul mate and family.



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