First Of 17 Plagues From God

In 1992 of August, the plague of wicked storm was initiated to show people their true colours and that means someone may have the temptation to use a spiritual murder on someone else and King David was slaughtered by several arseholes, however the rite doesn’t kill a person fully, so he is kind of aware of this writing experience with this certain page, yet .8 to 7.2% of his brain is inadequate completely nil and all temptresses or tempters go to the dungeon for 5000 years flat to learn not to play around ever again.

Love, in a way from God, but the reality is “he” is a unique type of being that acknowledges the meaning fully but no one ever tempts bogus crappola ever again and all shiteheads go to the outer darkness forest from time to time if they tempt evil slaughtering methods ever again.

The second plague is the evil death twat plague and 47,000 were slaughtered by beasts fully since 2011, which means if you felt the urge to blow away some decent animal or human, you will go to the dungeon for another 5000 to 80,000 years to learn not to be a sick type of disgusting monogloid.  It is very much similar to some twat in a prison slammer stating that some demon or Satan archetype had him or her kill someone in cold blood, yet the reality is he or she chose that type of act fully, and no evil behaviour is allowed on earth ever again, that is if you choose to dwell amongst the peaceful lot who knows better not to tempt such inhumane injustice.

And God says no more animal experiments, as previously stated, or all those who act upon such will go to the dungeon for a minimum of 39.1 years to learn not to play around with society that it is acceptable.

The third plague is impending, and avoid it at all costs or you will go the dungeon for 55 years minimum.

King David used his hand to write this 81.2% and God executed this page 88.2%.

The final plague will be 2817 in order to teach others about patience and temptation.  Trust God that utopia and love will reside on earth for all eternity, and a woodchuck named Billy will drill your head just a touch if you act like a sociopath type around him.

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