American Dietary Regimen

Considering I will be residing in that area, I picked up several of their dietary customs whilst perusing the web.  I inquired God about certain things, and “he” said organic products aren’t healthy as anticipated as they can cause certain types of aeortic valve mishaps and will hinder the blood vessels from entering the brain adequately, so quite a few persons who have been restricted to that type of diet have suffered tremendous unfortunate blows to their spine and right ventricle as well, considering the blood vessels need enough oxygen to enter the heart fully.  It is simply becuase organic products are designed to withstand certain amounts of heat, so the oxygen flow renders the vegetables and fruits poisonous at parts, so it is highly recommended to withdraw from purchasing that type of thing completely.

It is also common for fruit and vegetable types of drinks to be reduced sugar compounds, however God states it destroys the chemistry makeup fully and will render you sleepy and depressed at parts.  It is similar to making a deal to eat an orange instead of the actual popular drink, so drink 75 to 110 ml each morning for breakfast with a nice cup of coffee.

Diet soda drinks are adequate, yet it is not recommended to drink more than 1 time a day as they can annoy your body at parts, however they can help hinder your blood flow to your left ventricle which maintains the heart valve fully adequate.

America is also noted for its fast food restaurants, and it is not recommended to partake more than perhaps once or twice a month considering its products are often high in saturated fats, as well as monosodium, however those infrequent trips will not harm you especially since monosodium glutamate can help you alleviate stress levels at parts.

I, then asked about dining out to restaurants of the modest sort, and “he” stated that indulging in that one to three times a month is healthy fully as it clears your stresses completely, so make sure you plan an evening outing with family and friends ahead of time.  That doesn’t include perhaps a lunch pick up and go for a burrito, or even a slice of pizza as God says do that at least once or twice per week as long as they aren’t from the common themed chain types of establishments.  Refrain from Subway, however, as it counts as a fast food chain, albeit only once a month.

Make sure you eat wisely and refrain from enormous amounts of food per meal, so that way you can feel fully nourished for the next dining session which are 6 am, 11 45 am, and 6 pm complete.

God is teaching King David how to eat perfectly, and someday you will be able to join him in having two wow meals, which are the mornings and evenings, and the lunches are generally quick bites to gather, yet substantial enough to enjoy fully which is 575 calories average such as a tuna fish sandwich and a half a pack of Doritos and diet soda with lemon.

Also, pizza should have animal protein rather than vegetables only, so be sure to put your favourite toppings on it from ham, sausage, beef, and certain types of fish such as shrimp and anchovy.  Chicken is not recommended because cheese it’s not a good combination for such as it can make you annoyed in certain parts of your thinking, however indulging in a Thai or curry flavoured chicken pizza is acceptable, yet only save that for a special occasion.  So, stick with the common themes for the most part.  Clam is okay as well, however it should only be sold at traditional pizza dineries as opposed to Domino’s or Shakey’s, as well as other order to go venues.

So, feel free to indulge in your favourite pizza selections 2 to 3 three times a month on average.

Since the information isn’t vast as how to eat perfectly, just do the best possible, and don’t  overindulge nor deprive either.  Also, you can enjoy a Snickers bar once a week if need be, as it will help maintain your aeorta and keep you nourished fully especially when it comes to recreational activities.  God will further elaborate on candies and other fun treats in the coming of days, and the world will rejoice in indulging yummy gummy bears and other sugary treats much more than often, so alas be patient!

Kisses and Hugs,

God (who wrote this page 80.25% and King David is rendered silly and sleepy from transcribing this 96.3%).

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