An Update On Smoking

God promised we will be able to purchase a pack of 2 of our favourite cigarettes for all eternity, and I wondered about those water vapour types of products as well as electronic cigarettes as they wil render your brain silly and make you mindless as defacated hay and jelly.  All of those product variations will be shelved by the 2030’s to 2040’s when Sir King David reigns the thone for all the world, and the animal kingdom to rejoice forevermore.

Moreover, animals cannot tolerate cigarette smoking at parts, so refrain from smoking around them, as well as children, likewise.

In the meantime, try to cut back and avoid those marijuana products as they are preserved for special ocassions primarily.  God will also reinstate heroin, opium, and certain types of methodone products yet only for once in a rare moment’s time.  The reason is paradise lost ressurrected complete, Situation One.

Cocaine will be shelved 94.2%, and will be used for pharmaceutal purposes only, so be patient fellow congregants of utopia love and delight fulfillment.


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