Gatorade Zero Is The Best Sports Drink

I was referred to that special release, and God wants it on the market along with the regular version which has been around since the 1960’s.  The reason why it’s the number one choice is because it enables the blood vessels to reconstrict as a result of oxygen surplus flow to the right ventricle that permits oxygen to release fully from the aeorta to the frontal lobe, as well as the motor cortex of the brain.  The zero sugar drink will permit the anterior valve, that is the heart’s aerotic valve bifurcation release point at .9 millilitres per second, to release carbon dioxide effectively until the right ventricle’s anterior valve pumps the blood to the frontal lobe 70.3 to 97.3% of its oxygen surplus.  The reason for this is to purify the lungs effectively, and without these sports drinks like Powerade and Isotar, you  cannot think perfectly as the athletes normally do when they drink these supplements.

Anyway, even though you may not play sports as much as the typical consummate recreational athlete, you are recommended to drink Gatorade on a daily basis.  Gatorade 2 is not recommended however, since it will impede the blood flow to the right ventricle and may cause constriction occurrences at points.  In the meantime, drink Powerade Zero or other sugar free sports drinks, except for Vitamin Water since it’s more to complement vitamin complexes for conditioning purposes.  So, use when necessary and God will guide you with that as well.  Moreover, the regular sugary sports drinks can manufacture toxicity levels to the brain barrier if you are sitting on your computer like King David, so only use when exercising fully.

Peace and Love, God (who wrote this page 97.3% and King David wants to write a poem about silly, funny stuff as well).

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