Regarding Evil Behaviour From God

Hello there, and my name is not Hashem or Jehovah and King David is typing for me otherwise I would do it differently, which is like communicating with his grandmother Doris or Ralph, his adopted grandfather who have moved on, who agree that the world is filled with people that assume being evil is a means of life.

God agrees that evil is a sickness that preys on society fully and it is the reason for the plagues of destruction, to reassure you not to indulge and if you do any sort of evil behaviour, then you will go to the dungeon for a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 5 billion years, depending on the severity of your crimes.

The truth of the ten commandments is not to obey, but to listen to your gut and know not to tempt with bogus junk like lying for no reason or stealing to make a point that you can have it too.

“I” know what love means fully, and thou shall not worry, but the reason for this statement is to teach people not to make a deal that you can have it your way too, as utopia is about sharing and caring fully.



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