Was God Ever Human?

George Burns, aka Nathan Birnbaum offered his services to let “him” act in the funniest film that ever was, “Oh God”, as well as 17 other movies that were released past 1972.  The reason is to dwell in a lovely man’s human anatomy in order to help accommodate society for certain things, yet “he” was never Jesus H. Christ as previously mentioned by King David the funboy messiah.

God knew that there was no one out there to free the Indians from Britain conquest, so “he” assumed human form and had an intriguing life as Mahatma Gandhi.  He got killed, however, and that pest is currently serving 5000 years in the dungeon for violent purposes to ward off even one soul for doing nothing but guide others to freedom land.

Furthermore, God had no choice to role play Indira Gandhi to assure freedom would reside in India, and there will be no more intruders ever in the holy land as well, considering Golda Meir was also there to assure that the Jewish people have a place to reside, yet King David wants to remain in the United States to learn about the lifestyle as it suits him more than perhaps Latvia, where his grandmother Doris was originally from.

Like Chinese, as well as the Italians, who enjoy traveling aboard, even Jewish people have a right to dwell in the land deemed appropriate, so God will allow you to reside in other nations for a while or more to learn about people of different cultures, therefore racism will be doomed by the 27th century, basically so.  It is because people will need time to adjust, which is the reason for the timing.

Einstein was also a hoax, and God had to role play an intellectual person to make a point about nuclear warfare, so that society will properly adjust to the new world to come with grace and ease, just like that too.

“He” also role played about 87 million prototypes, including animals, as a way to ward off pests.  Moreover, there will be no need for “him” to role play too often when heaven reigns free, and silly goats can play with your children when time allows for that, just like that as well.

Adam, as well as Eve were also prototypes that didn’t even ever exist, and Noah says peruse the bible carefully if you want to learn the truth just like that as well, and King David’s psychoanalyst has portraits of the ark, including animals in order to reassure him about love and beauty for all eternity.  Sir David the Messiah, however isn’t God, so give him time to accommodate to the monarchy as he suffered like death and flies in order to learn how to adapt to the ruler status, as well as for flight and other militarial assignments like capturing evil sociopath leaders from hurting people, as well as animals further.

No worries, you will witness King David and the Queens of Love and Grace Beauty Beyond by the 2030’s fully, so fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride while it lasts.



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