Artificial Sweeteners Vs Sugar Debate

This is a brief summary to say that certain types of sweeteners like sucralose, saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, as well as xylitol at certain time periods can cause delayed movement of your left ventricle’s aerotic valve to constrict inappropriately, however certain types of sweetened gums will be effective for dietary use, and certain types of ice cream can be digested such as sucralose, yet do not add it to your cereal or coffee, as well as tea as God would rather you add a bit of honey or cinnamon for the time being.

This is the debate, as there is no such thing as a debate with God, and King David knows not to grumble too much when “he” tells him to eat accordingly because he fears spiraling his current weight frame out of proportion.  However, he pretty much knows it will not occur more than maybe a mere kilogram at best.  It is because he wants to remain slim, as God promised him as well as the majority of you reading this, however certain people may be plumpier than others, depending how well they adapt to their bodies fully.

Because you will want to sweeten your coffee in the mornings, be sure to use only a teaspoon at most since too much will render your spine out of whack which is the reason people go to chiropractors to make a deal they can adjust them fully.  The deadline for full “medical” coverage from da Lord of Intriguing and Propriety is 2049, depending how well society reacts to the King Messiah, and his harem’s entertaining endeavors.  The 22nd century, however, will be of ease and full accord as society will be accustomed to love and charm adequately.

“I” promised you will meet them fully, and the deadline for King David the Messiah’s headshot, as well as the revelation of his Queens is 2023, so be patient while he writes these exciting publications.  Furthermore, God knows all existing readers will be able to languish for a tad as there are skeptics on the loose that doubt his status, hence the delay.

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