God’s Reason For King David The Messiah

Furthermore, “I” knew “he” is the prime candidate because he is enthusiastic about helping others, as well as being an entertainer fully, and this was back in 7th century B.C.E. when he was a little boy who stopped Goliath from injuring others, yet he didn’t assault him as the story explains in 1 Samuel.  God reiterates that part of the bible is dishonest, as people sometimes justify Kings to be powerful warriors as strongmen types like Mussolini or Putin, and even Margaret Thatcher would think you are a wonderful person to say it sounds like arsehole behaviour to kill off an enemy.

It is true that men can be beasts, however Sir David says he would rather arrest gonad terrorists than assault them all, which is the primarily reason for electing him to grace the throne with just cause, for all eternity.  So, no more joking about murder and mayhem ever again, and the King will explain his reason for wanting to partake in many other recreational opportunities which is the secondary yet main reason at parts, since he was born a natural athlete like his father Saul, as opposed to Jesse who was a side note to determine the flaws of the tanakh.  So, the bible will be polished until it’s inherently modified to correct inaccuracies completely, as much possible.

King David, the comedian part, as you may have noticed, also comes from his father, and somewhat his grandfather.  His humour part, equipped with his everlasting-wisdom makes him the target candidate for that role, as well.  So, he is the consummate entertainer, along with 1837 others who are also proper for making films, comedy shows, and God wants him to try something interesting with his love companion unit, like a sitcom of sorts.

Needless to say, he is a wonderful gentleman who enjoys playing table tennis with others, yet he gets bored silly playing with average types, so no one is perfect like God.  You will see him playing in softball games, as God will assist him so he can try the American game of baseball, as it suits him best for professional pursuits.  He may be able to play gridiron football, professionally as well, however the game will change so there are no more injuries, albeit minor.

Evidentially, he isn’t a violent person, considering many male human types need to undergo grief counseling for loss ones tend to make amends with tragic outbursts after encountering such difficulties, yet God promised all of your loved ones are just fine and you will see them fully in the coming of days, just like that as well.

King David the Messiah wants to write poems, and somewhat screenplays, yet more so fiction pamphlet types as he is a short story writer as his publication somewhat displays. Some of his wives will help him make something magnificent, as he’s not really into filmmaking as some of his counterparts argue.  However, his chief Queen will assist him with him something intriguing, and a documentary will be screened by the 2020’s to 2030’s primarily so.

As his interview states, King David is adeptly communicative with animals, primarily dogs, since they are more responsive with human beasts like those violent pigs who go around slaughtering for no reason whatsoever.  He wants to try learning sign language with gorillas, and also wants to help free those animals from the zoos, yet likes the idea of having opportunities for others, like children to reach out to goats and sometimes roosters and funny hens, so God will provide petting animal arenas as long as everyone is modified fully to understand that animals aren’t petting things like toys as they have feelings and know what care means as well.

So, that is the reason for the Messiah like that, as he is also adept in psychology at parts, and will take some courses to better guide him with the world at large.

He previously wondered about other Messiah candidates, and God said maybe some of the ladies can rule the universe, as it will be Herland resurrected.

The prophecy for beautiful world is 2049, and David thought it was in the 2020’s somewhat, yet it will be more spectacular by then, so don’t worry about that as well.

I will further have Sir David attach a picture on a future page, as he is sick from all this filthy work I’m inflicting upon him, so render him inadequate in the moment’s time.

Moreover, the deadline for sheep and goat petting arenas is 2039, depending how well human people adapt to life without the world’s zoos as this will occur within the next 8.5 to 16.5 years.

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