Licorice, Red Vines, Et Al.

God also promised the greatest of herbal candies, in order to supply enough fuel to your brains, as well as your heart’s vessels and appendages.  So, eat these when time allots, and you will also be able to appreciate the finest candies from apple stix, herbal cinnamon suckers, as well as cocoa munchers on a regular basis.  However, indulging on fruit candies will replace the daily need for the real thing, as long as you drink your orange juice and eat the greatest bananas basically every morning with breakfast.  Eating apples and peaches are adequate at best because it will tire your brain stem too much, as humans need sweets as well in order to stimulate your desire for a beautiful, exciting life like the rest of the animal kingdom does, even when the horned owl looks for a nasty bug for nibble.

Here’s a list of candy types you can also experiment with, yet only indulge modestly, as gluttony is only for pigs who enjoy nothing but stealing, and will find themselves in the dungeon anyway.

Cocoa wafer stix will keep your aeorta and left ventricle moving precisely so that the heart valve pumps blood to your brain without much pause.  It is the reason why people often get excited after eating candy at the movies, and share that with a popcorn with your loved ones, for a family outing or a romantic encounter.  Also, make sure each have a great regular soda to enjoy fully, as the drink will help the mucus membrane flow properly and assist the jaw while eating accordingly.

Reese’s and M & M’s enable the brain cavity and right ventricle operate effectively, yet only indulge intermittently as your body needs proper meals 91.7%, however “junk” food isn’t garbage if it is to be digested accordingly.

Suckers, and lollipops may be eaten more frequently if you can tolerate them without difficulty, otherwise stick with fun size chocolate types as they will help your blood deplete iron-rich deposits like magic and will install memory banks in your gonads effectively.  Also, rice treats will deplete your aeorta’s iron storage containing system, so that you can walk around freely and dance with them all just like that as well.

63.5% of food intake should be animal protein, vegetables and certain types of carbohydrates, yet you need those sweets, so also ice cream and frozen yoghurt will enable your left ventricle to flow profusely to the stem’s nerve endings fully in order to give you proper functioning complete.  Health-gluttony types of cereals that contain bran and wheat gluten will be thrown out, as they aggravate your muscles, so look for fruit puffs or rice cocoa flakes, as well as mint cocoa puffs in order to ease your intestines fully so that you can enjoy it while it lasts, and be sure to combine the sugary cereals with Cheerios, Special K, Rice Puffs, or something similar that has no added sweetener and even Müesli can be an addition, as long as there isn’t subtracted sugar.  King David inquired about Corn Flakes, yet God said no because it wipes the ear and eye cavity’s from cleaning fully, so enjoy those sweet corn flake products with the fun cereal brands several times a week, fully.

Those smart drugs, and herbal supplements amount for 37.1% of your dietary intake, yet only 6.9% of caloric intake will help you render life to be fulfilling and harmonious for all eternity, so choose wisely and God will guide you effectively with the remainder, as well.

In the meantime, also look for some wonderful green tea, as it will nurture your aeorta in order to make sense with the world during the transition from boredom complete to love and conquest forevermore.  God will accommodate you fully as you choose, so go with your feelings just like that, too.

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