Supplements Are God’s Gift Primarily

“I”, the Lord of the Hosts of Silly Putty and Wine Tasting forever, reassures “I” know what it means to have wonderful humour, and to dance eternally means much.  It is that “I” know how to incorporate the finest herbs, as well as minerals and various types of cognitive enhancers to keep you afloat for utopia’s madness and primarily to help you adjust to the world’s transition from blah blah going abouts to wonderful Cider and Cigarrillos every now and then.

To explain this further, DMAE is from millions of light years away of galaxies far far away, and gingko is from plants of other realities like Venus’ cranium fir, as all 79 of the Solar System’s subjects have some type of lifeforms dwelling there.  A sheep named Babar would suffocate on Mars, yet God will assist him fully so that he can watch the sun rotate on the earth’s hemisphere, whilst eating some grapes and plankton fully.

To assure perfect precision with the containers, make sure you keep them intact for several weeks, and be aware not to drop them or they will be rendered spine juice garbage.  The expired date is only effective for the time you hold onto the containers before you open them, yet it is wise not to keep them sitting around for more than several weeks, since they are stored at proper oxygen types of sites.  The preservative slip found within the containers, however, will keep it active, so have no fear over that detail.

Moreover, God is telling King David to shake his containers and put them in the proper settings so that he can keep them active for up to 7 weeks at best, in order to show him that the supplements have a brief life fully.  It is recommended that you shake each container gently upon holding it, yet make sure you don’t overdo it, and put the cap back on effective immediately.

In the meantime, look for a decent aloe vera juice drink.  It  will help your concentration go at amazing speeds, yet you can only use it once before discarding it.  So look for something of adequate price, and in the future God will supply vials of them at perhaps ₤2.75 per use, rather than ₤10 for the current bottle.  Yet, even if you use it one time, it will enable you to focus at speeds greater than previous, so purchase it merely once every several months for the time being.

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