Continuation Of Suffering For King David The Messiah

God renders society evil complete as they make a deal that the Messiah is suffering from some demonic being, as there are some spies on the loose however they are only monitoring him from a bird’s eye angle at 2.7% as opposed to 27.9% as to what they will state to the public in the coming of days.

The reason for this statement is to warn you of dragon types of people who like to get involved and claim funny, nice people ridiculous and mad as his father as well as psychiatrist is forcing him to take lame, annoying manic depressive pharmaceuticals that render him sedated at parts.  As a result, God has no choice but to put those two fools in the dungeon in the near future for making a deal he is delusional, as all antisocial pests will enjoy for the next 5000 years minimum.



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