Delay Of Publication Part Deux

King David the funboy who loves life fully is disappointed to hear he may not be able to publish his books with other publishing companies as they insist Jesus or Moshiach Shapiro-Benz is the light and the way.  Most people live behind rose-colored glasses and refuse to deal with the truth, so your eyes will awaken by the late 2020’s to 2030’s most likely so, so no regrets about being placate as all will see the eyes of God and know the truth that “he” is with the world forever and ever.

The prophecy of truth is 2045 to 2078, depending on how people relate to each other after King David the Messiah is crowned as he has no desire to be an arrogant pest like some of the current leaders, which is the reason for electing him do to that job.

Moreover, God wants all sociopathic pests to state their case about destroying other people’s lives as the earth is full of garbage and muck as even the moon landing was a hoax to make a deal that most human types cannot reside on any planet until they learn kindness fully.



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